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Fire & Storm Damage
Water Extraction and Restoration
Mold Remediation and Removal
Complete Cleaning Services
Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Custom Woodwork


Complete Cleaning Services

Crime Scene and Vandalism Cleanup
L.J. Roth Restoration is a member of the
 International Association of Arson Investigators and can assist in the preservation, security and transportation of evidence.

We also maintain longstanding relationships with fire departments and law enforcement agencies to ensure that all situations are handled correctly and professionally. Our personnel are trained to consult with forensics engineers, investigators, attourneys and law enforcement officers to assist with the handling of a crime scene and proper cleanup and disposal of debris.

Carpet Cleaning
We offer a full range of cleaning services, with carpet cleaning as one of our specialty areas. Whether you have one room to clean or an entire multilevel building, we have the equipment and personnel to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We go beyond just the carpets, however; when a cleaning of all surfaces is needed, including ceilings, walls, floors and contents, we do the job thoroughly and efficiently.

Odor Removal
Odors can be extremely difficult to remove. Whether the odor is the result of a fire, smoke, mold, smoking or animals, our team knows the proper techniques to deodorize your home, office or building efficiently and effectively. 

Content Restoration
We have the equipment and experience to clean and restore your personal property. When disaster strikes, a key to restoring your property is prompt action. We will quickly inventory your items, begin the restoration on-site and if necessary, transport them to a secure facility for cleaning and storage. 

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